The Design Philosophy of Richard L. von Luhrte, FAIA

A recent article dives deep into RNL’s very own Rich von Luhrte on his 45-year career & his unique approach & design philosophy.

Spire Mixed-Use Residential . Photograph by Frank Ooms.

Spire Mixed-Use Residential. Photograph by Frank Ooms.

On the future of architecture in the next 5-10 years:
I am deeply concerned that design today is becoming commoditized, with buildings cranked out as product for ever-lower fees and increased production. Major decisions are being made about the design of buildings long before an architect is on board.
Our profession is at risk of being absorbed by the developer, the contractor and the banker. So if we as architects wish to have a seat at the table, we have to be willing to venture outside our comfort zone, and take a more active leadership role in projects at an earlier stage.
I believe we must become outspoken advocates for the built environment if we are to avoid just providing ‘decoration’ on a building that others have essentially defined before we are ever at the table. It’s not enough to sit at a desk drawing buildings.  We have to be a visible, active member of the community and a key player in the orchestration of a project. - Modelo