Day 5: Live Long & B-Corp

Since becoming a certified B Corporation this past summer,

RNL has had the honor of getting to know other members of this remarkable community of people using their business models as a force for positive change. There are now over 1600 certified B Corps in 48 countries across the world; proving that the definition of prosperity is changing to include values such as community impact, governance and environmental stewardship.  In honor of the ‘prosperity’ principle, we're giving a shout out to some of the other certified B Corps we have come to know and admire:


Cultivation Center for helping spread the word of B Corporations, with their awesome Boot Camp series.

Fairware for helping us with ideas and environmentally conscious swag for celebrating our big 60th anniversary this year!

Green Spot Real Estate for their energy and commitment to Denver’s green real estate movement, and being super fun folks to hang out with in general.

Hemmings House for using the medium of film to make us all more aware of the conversations we should be having, and motivating us to take a small idea and bring it to the next level.

Ma Cher for inciting change at the community level with their shower cube initiative, and helping many of us rethink how long we spend singing in the shower.

NAVA Real Estate for revolutionizing conversations on health and wellbeing in the building industry.

Oliver Russell for telling the stories that we all need to hear

Waste Farmers for reminding us to look beyond the default approach to our food system

YR+G for sharing our passion for broadening the discussion on what sustainability means in the building industry, and what the rapidly-changing future holds.