Origami Strikes Again!

If you saw ‘Between The Folds’, the first in David’s summer movie series. Then you’ll know that Origami has worked its way into many, many aspects of our daily lives (air bags!). You’ll also remember there are some very ‘passionate’ paper folders out there... Here, origami is elegantly applied to a plant pot that grows along with the plant. The pot references the dynamic aspect of nature, in contrast to the static spaces we surround ourselves with. It’s also a way of ensuring your interior landscaping looks great from the day the building opens, instead of the typical scenario of stick-like plants sitting in vats of soil sized for year two of growth.

There is a strong disconnect between nature and the environments we are used to and comfortable in as humans. The spaces and objects we build and surround us with are very static. In nature, everything evolves, adapts, grows, blooms, degrades, dies, gets absorbed, reused. - Begum & Bike Ayaskan, Royal College of Art
Image Credit:  Dezeen

Image Credit: Dezeen